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As part of our work to streamline the intake process and meet the HMIS requirements for the HCRP Program, several new forms have been created.  Within our Region, we have agreed to use these forms and include them in each client's hard copy file.

Click here to view/download HMIS forms used here in Region 5.

COHHIO offers HMIS training and support materials.  The following links, etc. are included to help you get answers to your HMIS questions.

The following is an excerpt from an email sent by COHHIO's Genelle Denzin:

Sending an email to will create a ticket in our helpdesk system that we all will see. 

Some examples of emails to send to

  • a password reset request
  • a question about why a particular report looks a certain way
  • trouble running a report
  • data request
  • duplicate client merge or delete request
  • new user setup
  • new provider setup
  • questions about ServicePoint, how it works, etc.
  • any other request that would require a direct response or action from our department