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Point-In-Time -- Housing Inventory Chart

The purpose of this committee is to develop a coordinated regional process to collect homeless data for persons living on the street or other places unfit for habitation, in emergency shelters, or in transitional housing. This data will be collected over a 24-hour period in January 2014. Our committee will agree on data collection tools and methods, and will identify a process to report this information collectively to COHHIO.

In addition, this committee will determine the best method for identifying and updating the housing programs throughout our region and will develop a procedure to report this information to COHHIO when requested.

Team Leader:

Cathey Debord, Portage County

Housing Services Director
Family & Community Services, Inc.
705 Oakwood Street Suite 221
Ravenna, OH 44266
P: 330.297.7027 x 308
F: 330.296.2684
C: 330.388.3698