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Strategic Goals 

The goals of the Region 5 HMIS Committee are to:
  • Help HMIS users within Region 5 expand their knowledge and understanding of the Service Point 5 system 
  • Develop a process to monitor HMIS results and key metrics for homelessness prevention, emergency shelter, rapid rehousing, transitional housing and permanent supportive housing programs within the region
  • Work  with housing providers within Region 5 to put in place processes they can use to manage their HMIS data to ensure accurate reports/results
Current HMIS Committee Team members are:
Jenn Matlack
Director of HESS & SSVF
--Housing and Emergency Support Services
--Supportive Services for Veteran Families
Family & Community Services, Inc.
705 Oakwood Street Suite 106
Ravenna, OH 44266
P: 330-296-1111 x 317

Please feel free to contact  Jenn with your questions and suggestions.

Tactical Next Steps

To achieve these goals, the committee will:
  • Conduct a needs assessment with HMIS users in each of the 5 counties.  The assessment will offer all users the opportunity to outline any training needs and describe the problems they are encountering as they perform the day-to-day HMIS data management tasks.  Once everyone's needs are cataloged, the HMIS Committee will coordinate with COHHIO's HMIS team to develop training materials to address the issues we are facing in the region and conduct  training sessions as needed.
  • Work with the COHHIO HMIS team to develop HMIS reports we can use to monitor such key program performance metrics as, length of stay, recidivism, increase in total income, increase in earned income, etc.  The current Bed Utilization report is a good example of the type of monitoring tool we should have for each important metric that, in 2014,  will be used to evaluate the success of our programs and affect our ability to qualify for funding.
  • Develop and document processes HMIS users can follow that will help them increase data quality, identify any program performance problems quickly and manage their data for optimum results.  

Each Region 5 county will be asked to identify a current HMIS user to participate on the HMIS Committee and appoint a back-up as a way of ensuring continuity as we all work together to resolve our local HMIS concerns.