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Relocation and Stabilization

All eligible HCRP activities must be directly related to housing)


·         Housing Stability Case Management - Arrangement, coordination, monitoring, and delivery of services related to meeting the housing needs of program participants and helping them obtain housing stability.

·         Outreach and Engagement - Services or assistance designed to publicize the availability of programs to make persons who are homeless or almost homeless aware of these and other available services and programs.

·         Housing Search and Placement - Services or activities designed to assist individuals or families in locating, obtaining, and retaining suitable housing.  Activities which may be included are tenant counseling, assisting individuals and families to understand leases, securing utilities, making moving arrangements, representative payee services concerning rent and utilities, and mediation and outreach to property owners related to locating or retaining housing.

·         Credit Repair - Services that are targeted to assist program participants with critical skills related to household budgeting, money management, accessing a free personal credit report, and resolving personal credit issues.

·         Mediation – to prevent the participant from losing housing.

·         Legal Services – to resolve legal problems prohibiting participant from obtaining or losing housing.