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File Documentation

Caseworkers must provide evidence of homeless prevention and homelessness by way of the following:

1. Screening, intake and certification forms for all persons seeking assistance.

2. Documentation of annual income. For homelessness prevention income is addressed at time of intake. For rapid re-housing, income is gathered at time of entering but not used for eligibility until re-certification.

3. Certification that participant has insufficient financial resources and support networks.

4. Most reliable evidence to show lack of resources/support network is source documentation.

5. Documentation of homelessness (refer to Source Documentation Section)

6. Refer to Region 5 checklist for requirements

Any household provided with financial assistance through HCRP must have at least an initial consultation with a case manager or other authorized representative who can determine the appropriate type of assistance to meet their needs. Persons ineligible for HCRP should be referred to the appropriate resources or services provider that can assist them.

Third Third Party Documentation for certification and income verification:


Soure Source documentation is most preferred for third party documentation 

·         Source Documentation – Original documentation from a third party, official communication on letterhead  or statement template

                 Examples – Termination of employment letter

                    Social Security Administration letter

                    Eviction Notice

                    Statements – paystubs, bank/checking statements

·         Written – Official communication issued on agency stationery or program template. Signed and dated by appropriate representative of third party. Letters should share clients living situation and/or economic hardship. Example: Letter from a case manager, service provider, friend/family member, employer

·         Oral – Statement from the client and recorded by caseworker. 

·         The region maintains the most recent requirements for all documentation as presented by COHHIO and ODSA