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·         Any financial assistance through HCRP requires a Habitability Inspection.

·         Housing constructed prior to 1978 and occupied by families with children under the age of six (6) or where a pregnant individual is in the household must have a visual lead inspection conducted by a HUD-certified Visual Assessor.

·         Client cannot move into the new household until the housing inspection is completed and passes inspection

·         The HUD-certified Visual Assessor will contact the landlord to schedule an inspection time.

·         The results of the inspection are submitted to the Agency.

·         If the inspection fails, the landlord is notified of the findings and the need for any corrective action.  

·         If the landlord refuses to take corrective action, the agency cannot assist the client with that unit.

·         HCRP funds used for rental assistance to place a homeless household into housing or to move a household to different housing must have a housing inspection conducted.  Please refer to and utilize HCRP Housing Habitability Standards Inspection Checklist.  Completed checklist should be placed in client file.

·         If the participant is receiving medium-term assistance for longer than twelve (12) months, an inspection must be conducted annually.

·         If a new family moves into the same unit, a new inspection must be conducted.

·         If a program participant is moving into a unit and using another subsidy program that requires an inspection, staff from the other program may conduct the inspection, as long as they follow the HCRP standards.  Example: Local housing authorities.