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Ineligible Activities

·         Shelters

·         Transitional housing facility

·         Damage costs incurred in an apartment/home

·         Child care

·         Employment training

·         Mortgage assistance, fees, taxes or other costs of refinancing

·         Credit card bills or other consumer debt

·         Car repairs

·         Transportation or travel costs

·         Food

·         Medical or dental care

·         Prescriptions

·         Housing rehabilitation



·         Clothing and grooming items

·         Home furnishings

·         Pet care

·         Work or education related materials

·         Entertainment activities

·         Assisting persons in obtaining expungements and/or pardons of their criminal records

·         Re-entry advocacy

·         Helping persons obtain jobs

·         Developing discharge planning programs in mainstream institutions such as hospitals, jails, or prisons

·         Certifications, licenses, and general training classes for program participants or service providers

·         Assistance to youth who are wards of the state