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Client Files

It is the responsibility of each agency to maintain appropriate records to document, respective to their agency, all client interaction while enrolled in the program and years subsequent as required by law.  Client files can, but are not limited to, contain intake/assessment/screening forms, signed release(s) of information, case management notes, signed verification forms, and payment remittance. 

When assessing and assisting a client: 

·         Households should be reasonably expected to maintain housing stability following receipt of assistance.

·         Clients receiving one “type” of assistance under another program may be eligible for other types of HCRP assistance, as long as they are not also receiving that “type” of assistance through another source. 

·         Payments must not be made to program participants, but only to third parties, such as landlords or utility companies.

·         The amount of the assistance must be the minimum amount needed to prevent the client from becoming homeless.